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step 1

Collect previously utilized used cooking oil (UCO) for the purpose of transforming it into beneficial and eco-conscious goods through recycling.

step 2

Find the nearest UCO collection point around you, where to conveniently and conscientiously dispose of your used cooking oil.

step 3

Deposit your Used Cooking Oil (UCO) into our designated UCO collection box, to be later processed at our recycling facilities.

step 4

Receive instant credit, enabling you to promptly access the funds you need simple and easy.

Our Product

UCOllect App

The UCOllect App is ready to help you sell used cooking oil waste practically. This application is available on Playstore and App Store for free. The UCOllect App makes your used cooking sales transactions more accountable and transparent. Take part in exciting events on the UCOllect App and win prizes!


Find the nearest UCOllect Box on the "Maps" feature. Click the noovoleum logo to find out locations and opening hours. You can also click “Find directions” to search for it on Google Maps.

QR Code

The QR Code is used when you want to sell used cooking oil in the UCOllect Box. Scan the QR Code on the UCOllect Box screen and the transaction is ready to start.


This feature is used when you want to withdraw your balance to your account or virtual wallet. Make sure you have entered your email address and confirmed it, changed your password and entered your full address. After that, enter your desired withdrawal amount and add your account number and name according to your ID card.


Monitor your used cooking oil sales activity in the history column. Here you can see the amount of used cooking oil deposits per transaction and the total withdrawals that have been made.


The balance feature is the proceeds from the sales of used cooking oil that you make through the UCOllect App.


You can monitor the purchase price of used cooking oil on the UCOllect App. The price is subject to change according to world oil prices.

UCOllect Box

UCOllect Box is a machine that is ready to help you when selling used cooking oil. This machine can only work if you have a UCOllect App account. Scan the QR on your UCOllect App into the UCOllect Box. Make sure you follow every instruction on the UCOllect Box screen when depositing used cooking oil. After that, open the door to pour in the used cooking oil and close it again when finished. In less than 30 seconds, the balance will automatically enter the application.

Filtration: The UCOllect Box machine is equipped with filtration technology to detect the type of liquid being poured. Make sure the used cooking oil you deposit is not contaminated with water or oil.

Accuracy: UCOllect Box can measurably and accurately calculate the amount of used cooking oil you deposit in liters.

Safe: The UCOllect Box machine is safe for use by users because it is designed in accordance with industry standards.


1. What is used cooking oil made into?

The used cooking oil collected in the UCOllect Box will be processed into biodiesel. One of the environmentally friendly energy.

2. What kind of used cooking oil does UCOllect Box accept?

UCOllect Box will accept used cooking oil that is not contaminated with water or engine oil. Make sure you have checked it with 3S (See, Shake, Smell).

3. How to make a withdrawal?

To make a withdrawal, make sure you have completely filled in the information related to email, address and password.

4. Why is the UCOllect App confirmation email expired / invalid?

Make sure the confirmation email you click on is the latest email from UCOllect. Once you have added your email address in the app, wait for 1 minute and you will get an updated email. Click on the email and the confirmation has been successful.

5. Why hasn't my withdrawal been successful?

Your withdrawal request will be processed within 2x24 hours. Check the status in the History feature to ensure the withdrawal has been successful.

What is Used Cooking Oil?

Used cooking oil is used or waste oil that comes from various types of cooking oils such as corn oil, vegetable oil, and ghee. Usually, used cooking oil is used in households or businesses. Used cooking oil is generally that which has been used a maximum of three times.

Indiscriminate disposal of used cooking oil will cause environmental damage and when consumed again can cause various diseases.

Download our UCOllect App

Join us today in making a greener impact – start collecting and recycling your used cooking oil for a healthier planet and a more sustainable future!

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